Here’s Every Version of Sonic the Hedgehog, From 1991 to 2020

Here’s Every Version of Sonic the Hedgehog, From 1991 to 2020

It’s the fans that keep part of this memory of Sonic alive – that feeling of running fast, and with no gimmicks. Honestly, it’s quite the rabbit hole you find yourself in when looking into companies that call for the removal of fan games. Just last week I found out about an amazing fan game based on the 1989 Batmanmovie.

  • The success of these titles made him SEGA’s lead game designer and director.
  • By comparison, the copy-and-pasted terrain that fills out the most boring regions of Halo Infinite looks like a Renaissance masterwork compared to the desolate landscape in this demo’s beginning area.
  • It has everything a Sonic fan would want in an open world game.

The iOS version was updated in 2016, adding compatibility with Apple TV. But where Sonic Frontiers truly shines isn’t in its open world exploration or mostly mindless combat. Cyber Space levels in Sonic Frontiers appear in two forms — the classic, side-scrolling platformer levels from earlier Sonic games and the 3D rail riding affairs found in the Adventure titles.

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I encountered one glitch where Tails (as the computer-controlled secondary character) got caught on some scenery and kept trying to jump out, resulting an irritating bouncing sound until I finished the level. After three decades of playing Sonic the Hedgehog games, I really should be immune to the speedy blue Sega hero’s charms. The game is also currently infamous thanks to a very confusing matrix relating to the game’s different game versions. Sega’s garnering very negative press right now because of the convoluted way they’re marketing the game’s different game versions. Many games critics have criticized the game for putting basic functions and features behind a paywall, and for not being transparent with what all of the game’s additional features that fans are paying for are supposed to be. Although the cars may seem unnecessary given the hedgehog’s natural speed, his association with being quick makes it very natural to think of Sonic and his friends in a racing game all their own.

The Retro Engine went through several revisions, eventually arriving at the version used for Sonic CD, which allowed a higher frame rate, a Sonic 2 style spin dash, widescreen aspect ratio and the ability to play as alternate characters. Sonic Mania presents an alternate history where Sega never struggled with the transition to 3D and instead created the greatest Sega Saturn game of 1996. Lead programmer Christian Whitehead came to fame years ago by porting Sonic games to iPhone, and Sega was wise to partner with him for Sonic Mania, because their love for the franchise is evident every blindingly fast step of the way. It’s been a long time coming, but by going back to the future, Sega has finally recaptured the blue blur’s glory days.

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Atlus West used the SMT branding on the PS2 Persona games in their localisations is all. But all the microtransactions in those games might make them more profitable than games you “pay” for. Ever since the Genesis, Sonic titles have struggled to surpass more than a couple million in sales unless he’s at the Olympics with Mario. @Axecon No, really they should not mix free downloads and purchased software.


It’s an impressive attention to detail in a game that is founded on those details. The polygonal beat ’em up was flawed fun that doubled down on the late 1980s and early 1990s ridiculousness. While I don’t think a new Streets of Rage should go the humor route, a potential development team should study Double Dragon Neon’s new-retro soundtrack and cool leveling system, as that gave the game extra depth.

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